Tournament Rules and Regulations

1. You must be 21 years old or older to participate and must also comply with all Federal, Nevada, Lake Tahoe, and Harvey's Casino regulations at all times during this Tournament.

2. This is a Five Card No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament. All players will be expected to know the basic rules of Texas Hold’em Tournament Poker, including how the big and small “blinds” work. (See, e.g., You will not be expected to be an expert at the rules, of course, and amateurs are just as welcome as everyone else. Tickets are $140 and are available for advanced purchase at Cardboard Spaceship Toys. This is the Tournament “buy-in”. This event is intended to be sold out in advance, so do not expect to be able to purchase tickets at the door, as this event is likely to be sold out in advance at 100 players.

3. The Tournament will begin precisely at 1 p.m. on July 31, 2013. It is very important that all players be at their assigned tables by this time. We recommend showing up for the Tournament by no later than 11:30 a.m. A player not in his or her seat by the time of the first raising of the blinds will forfeit their ticket and seat in the Tournament. DO NOT BE LATE.

4. At least $70 out of every ticket purchase will go into the cash portion of the prize pool to be won by the players, but the ultimate total amount lies within the absolute discretion of Tournament Organizers. The amount of cash in the prize pool will be dependent on the number of tickets sold, and the prize pool will also include non-cash prizes. The exact amount of the prize pool will be determined by Tournament Organizers in their discretion based not only on the number of tickets sold (players), but also the number and quality of non-cash prizes. Along with non-cash prizes (the exact amount of the prize pool will be determined by the amount of donated prizes). The exact amount of the cash prize pool will be determined in part in light of the the amount of donated non-cash prizes. The exact prize schedule, which is expected to change as the event approaches, will be listed at It also will be and posted in The Harvey's poker room prior to the start of the tournament on July, 31st.

5. The Phamily Poker Classic will have bounty players. The bounty players will get the same amount of chips as everyone else to begin, and will be playing for the benefit of The Mockingbird Foundation. As with prior tournaments, we hope that a special non-cash prize will be given to any player who busts a bounty player out of the Tournament. If a bounty player knocks another bounty player out of the Tournament, then the latter bounty player’s prize (or prizes) will be added to the former bounty player’s prize(s) -- the prize(s) of the bounty player who remains in the Tournament. That bounty prize will be auctioned off for The Mockingbird Foundation following the final table only on the off chance that a bounty player ends up winning the tournament. While you expect that you will win a non-cash prize if you bust out a bounty player, we anticipate that the number and quality of non-cash prizes you receive for busting a bounty player out of the Tournament will depend on (1) what non-cash prizes are donated to this event, (2) the stage at which you knock out that bounty player and (3) what prize(s) are carried by that bounty player at the time of knockout.

6. Tickets for up to 130 players will be sold. This Tournament is intended to max out at 130 players.

7. The tournament will be completed with enough time so that no player will miss a moment of Phish.

8. During a hand, if you lack enough chips to continue playing the hand based on the play of competing players, you can still keep playing. (A “side pot” will be created by the remaining players.) In fact, if you have only a single chip, and you cannot pay either the small or big blind at the beginning of a hand when it’s your time to do so, you can still play that hand. There is an expression that so long as you have “a chip and a chair,” you can win. How is this possible, you ask? Familiarize yourself with the rules of Tournament Poker.

9. Please remember that this event is partly a benefit for The Mockingbird Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit which was founded by Phish fans in 1997 and which raises funds for music education for children programs. Please be respectful and considerate of your fellow players, so that everyone enjoys themselves at this Tournament. Undoubtedly, some players will know the rules much better than others – PLEASE HELP EACH OTHER OUT, and relax. This is intended to be a fun, friendly Tournament. That said, for legal reasons, Harvey's and Tournament Organizers reserve the right to eject any player for any reason at any time.

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