We will know on this occasion, the rules of poker Seven Card Stud, (7 Card Stud) a variant of the game of poker, which comes from Stud Poker.

In this poker variant, 7 cards are dealt to each of the players and to determine who is the winner, the best hand of 5 cards is used.

To begin, each player is dealt 2 covered cards and 1 discovered. The one with the lowest uncovered card is called bring in and is the one who has to bet half of a small bet or a complete small bet.

Example: if the game is € 4 / € 6, you have to bet € 2 or € 3 respectively.

The game continues from left to right (clockwise) until the betting round ends.

If two or more players agree to have the lowest card of the same value, the bring-in is determined with the suits of the deck, in this order from highest to lowest: spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs.

Fourth street or Fourth Street

Now comes the time when each player receives an uncovered card called “Fourth Street” or “Fourth Street” by name in English. The first player to perform an action is the one with the best poker hand among his discovered cards, this player can pass or bet.

If no one has a partner among their uncovered cards, the bet will be small (€ 4 in our example). If any player has a partner, it can be opened with a large bet (€ 6 in our example).

Fifth Street or Fifth Street

Each player then receives another uncovered card, called “Fifth Street” or “Fifth Street.” Like the previous round, the first to speak is one who has the best hand on his visible cards.

From Fifth Street (included), all bets must be made large (€ 6 in our example).

Sixth street or Sixth Street

Each player now receives another uncovered card, called “Sixth Street” or “Sixth Street.” As in the previous rounds, speak first who has the best hand in the cards discovered.

Finally, each player receives a covered card, the last. As always, the first to speak is the one with the best poker hand in his bare cards.

If at the end of this last round, there is more than one active player left, the last one to bet or raise, shows his cards. If there was no bet during this last betting round, the one who shows his cards first will be the player with the best poker hand in his uncovered cards.

The jackpot wins, who has the best five-card hand. If there are players with identical hands, there is a draw and the pot is distributed among all of them.


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