Do you want to try something different? 7 Card Stud is what you were looking for. He was the most famous type of poker in the 80s, before Texas Hold’em reached the peak of poker. It is a peculiar poker game, very different from Hold’em. Beginner players receive their own hand (consisting of 7 cards) instead of 5 community cards. It is very simple!

Table positions in Stud

Seven Card Stud does not include blinds. However, players have to pay an ante at the beginning of each new hand. Each player is dealt two cards face down and one card face up. Players must place an initial forced bet. The player with the worst card face up (the 2 of clover is the worst possible card) at the beginning of each hand, must make this mandatory bet. Just the opposite of Hold’em, in which there are two blinds.

Tip for newbies: If you have to make two forced initial bets in a row, look at it on the bright side. It can’t happen again a third time, right?

Values ​​of poker hands

Although seven cards are dealt to each player on the river in 7 Card Stud, only five cards can be used to form the best possible five-card hand. Don’t get overwhelmed, this part is very simple. Hand values ​​are exactly the same as in Texas Hold’em; The royal flush is the best hand and the highest card is the worst.

Tip for newbies: In the Stud Poker hand-held value system the clubs are not counted, except to decide the forced initial bet, in which the clover is the worst suit, the third diamond, the second heart and the spades the best.

Action of the first betting round (3rd street)

First, one ante is collected from each player and the first two cards (technically, 1st and 2nd streets) are dealt face down. The third card (called 3rd street) is dealt face up. The player who has made the initial forced entry (for having the worst card) is the first to act. This player must place the minimum bet or “complete” the minimum table bet. The action continues with the rest of the players at the table, who may retire, complete or raise (if it has been completed before).

Tip for newbies: Since there are no community cards in Stud poker games, a maximum of seven cards are dealt to players over seven streets. (That way you won’t have to share with anyone.)

Action of the second betting round (4th street)

During the fourth card (4th Street) another card is dealt face up to each active player. Table bets are still set to a minimum. Good news for those who make the initial forced bet: The first to act no longer has the worst card face up! The player with the best cards face up receives that honor. The action continues to the left and players can pass, bet, match, raise (limited to 4 x table bets in a limit format) or withdraw, according to the previous action.

Tip for newbies: Since the first player to act is chosen according to the cards that are face up, the position can change from one street to another. Therefore, you will have to be on permanent alert to follow the correct order.

Second Betting Round (4th Street) Action

On the 5th Street the minimum bet is raised to the upper limit of bets. It’s time to put real money in the boat! This card is also distributed face up. The first to act is again the player with the best cards face up (check out the standard poker hand value system). The action continues and players can pass, bet, match, raise (limited to 4 x table bets in a limit format) or withdraw, depending on the previous action.

Rookie Tip: According to the 7 Card Stud rules, 5th Street is similar to the Hold’em turn; Sometimes, the most expert players give it that name.


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